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We are professional and high-quality Yoga and meditation school from the world capital of Yoga, Rishikesh, India. We care your body, mind and soul.

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200-Hrs Online Yoga TTC

Yoga is a disciplined life style of Indian spiritual system
another aspect of this discipline is boost to our immune
system. Asanas, kriyas, and Pranayama practices are yogic

We offer step wise introduction of yogic discipline. We
offer a series of 4 workshops of 50 hrs. each. For more
details please contact:

  • Yoga Nidra, translated as yogic sleep, is a five-stage process that begins with a body scan to engage one's physicality. It incorporates meditation on the breath, the balancing of emotional states, visualization, and self-healing. Setting a positive intention is another important step (which is called a sankalpa) and this gives the participant a specific purpose to the session.
  • A sessions lasts for 45.
  • For more details please contact.

What We Offer

About Our Yoga School

We are professional, reputed and high quality Yoga, meditation School with modern equipment, experienced gurus and teachers. We offer a wide variety of classes and courses from personal training and dynamic yoga classes to relaxing exercises. All of our yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, kundalini and Tantra teachers are fully certified and experienced in their practices and method of teachings at all levels.

Our mission is to provide quality online yoga classes that is fun and fulfilling to all of our students from all over the world. All our teachings for sure promote your strength, self control, and concentration. Small and big group online classes will be a big fun to connect people from all over the world in this top difficult period of epidemic. Come and enjoy with us.

Introduction to Yogic life style


Introduction to Yogic life style


Introduction to Yogic life style


Introduction to Yogic life style



Yoga Courses Prices

Personal Training

$ 190 Per Month
  • Single class $ 15
  • 5 Classes package - $ 60
  • 10 Classes Package - $ 100

Weekly Courses

$ 75 Per Course
  • LEVEL-1
  • LEVEL-2
  • LEVEL-3
  • LEVEL-4

Teacher Training

$ 600 200 YTTC
  • Course starts from Level 1 - Level 4.


Location name

Nirvana Yoga Sthal, 249 304 Rishikesh, India

The courses, we run are certified from Yoga Alliance, USA as 200 hours  yoga teacher training in India which fall under RYS 200 (Registered Yoga Schools). The course for Best Yoga Training Rishikesh is fully residential and it gives you the opportunity to become an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) from the world capital of yoga Rishikesh, India. We also offer yoga retreats programs for all those who want to explore Indian Culture in yogic ways. The best part of this program is, even if you are not from the yogic background, we have beginner’s yoga and meditation courses for you that will take you to the next level.

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