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Regular practice of yoga is a good activity in order to lead a happy and healthy life. Yoga first introduced in India. There are much well-known Yoga teachers known as Yoga Guru. This article intends to tell about the famous yoga guru Aneesh Krishna Bisht.


Based in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, Aneesh Krishna Bisht is a famous yoga guru who is known not only in India but also has international fame. He inspired and motivated peoples for yoga. At an early age, he had left behind his flourishing business and budding political career in order to lead a simple life. He looked upon Gautam Buddha and tried to follow a life like him. Thus, he left wealth and luxury and opted for delight and proper philosophical education in his life.  Aneesh Krisha Bisht left a life which every individual wants. He finds great happiness and satisfaction in yoga. To him, yoga develops self-discipline, strong human ethics and uncompromising self-study. Yoga is his priority. The principles of yoga sutras very much influence Aneesh Krishna.

Training And Teaching:

Aneesh Krishna Bisht aimed primarily at achieving complete mastery on yoga. Achieving such a goal took him years to complete. Once he was fully satisfied with his achievements, he sought to train others and accordingly, he established his school in Rishikesh which trains individuals who want to establish their career as a yoga teacher. He teaches the philosophical roots of all types of yoga and gives the students the basic idea about human anatomy so that they can relate the mind and body together.

The names of his institutes are Himalayan Yoga Academy and Rishikesh Yogpeeth. Some of the certificate courses in these institutes are RYT 200, 300 and 500 Hours Yoga which received by Yoga Alliance. Aneesh Krishna Bisht attends many institutions and schools all over the world. He was invited by many top institutes to motivate and inspired about yoga. He was also famous in some parts of China and has done many workshops in China in about 20 cities Aneesh Krishna Bisht done workshop. He is an expert in yoga and does all the yoga activity perfectly. He is a great person who inspired many people for yoga.

Aneesh Krishna Bisht was famous because of his perfection and inspirations. He does Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin and bhakti styles of yoga. He is also an expert in breath management and does every asana in postures. When you start to do yoga with him, you find an amazing quality in his work. Discipline skills and adaptive flexibility is a skill if you achieve these, then you can remove many bad habits. Doing yoga developed your personality and good habits. Everyone wants to join yoga for their good health, but don’t give time in it. According to Aneesh Krishna Bisht, one should make a proper schedule for his daily task.

Aneesh Krishna Bisht is a person who has inspired us to lead a simple and healthy life. His contribution in the field of yoga remains indispensable in our society providing the Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.


Yoga has gained lots of popularity and fame in past some years it is now not only limited to the country of its origin, India while it is well known all across the world and this all is because of the efforts of talented and experienced Yoga teachers of India who has dedicated their whole life in building yoga and taking it to each corner of world. Today we are going to learn about one of the best Yoga teachers who have achieved a lot in very young age and are now working for the welfare of society by training others in Yoga, he is none other than Yogi Vivek Bijlawan who is practicing in the field of yoga since he was 10 years old.

He is the one who believes that Yoga is the only way which can make your mind, body, and soul in peace with balanced and well-maintained way. He has gained his expertise in the type of Yoga known as Ashtanga with great knowledge. He is one of the well experienced and professional yoga teachers who is currently working at the Vivekananda Yoga School and distributing his skills with other students by making his great efforts. Vivek Bijlawan is an enthusiastic and talented yoga teacher who possesses a gracious attitude and believes in providing all his best to the students by making them well trained.

He is performing yoga since his childhood and connected with it from his soul, he is having the background of Yoga and lots of his friends also practice yoga and meditation to keep calm and get peace. This was the point which encourages and attracts him toward yoga this was the starting point and after that, he has gained lots of fame and success due to his hard work, strength, and dedication. Vivek Bijlawan till now has gained lots of techniques for yoga and meditation. When first time he build up his interest in yoga he decided to go along with it and joined the Sivananda Ashram present in Rishikesh, India. This was the place where he deepens his yoga practices and learns lots of techniques and aspects of yoga.

After gaining a deep knowledge in yoga from here he moved to Mysore, this was the place where he got his most known talent which is Ashtanga Yoga, he profounds his achievements here in Ashtanga Yoga. Vivek Bijlawan says that yoga is not just an exercise it is much more than that, according to him yoga is the only way which gives the perfect way of making balance in between the body, soul, and mind by making them peaceful and relaxed.

He believes that yoga is the only field in which there is much more to explore which never ends and can help you in gaining a vast knowledge without even letting you skip in between if you are enthusiastic about it and can remain connected with it lifelong for completing his own passion. The best though which makes him different from others is his thinking that yoga is not just a profession it is a passion for him in which he wanted to achieve all heights for providing the Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.



Yoga is an activity that makes us fit, both mentally and physically. In the current times, a majority of the population are suffering from stress and anxiety which can be cured through yoga. It is one of the ancient traditions of India and there are many Yog gurus who guide us properly in this practice. One such Yog Guru is Ajinkya Deshpande who is counted as one of the most reputed and famous Yog Gurus of the country.

Early Life and Present Times

The famous Yog Guru Ajinkya Deshpande has more than 30 years of experience in the practice of yoga and he is based in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. His journey is impressive and motivational. Ajinkya Deshpande started his tough journey from a reputed yoga institute named Kaivalyadhama in Lonavla. For 25 years he serves there is Kaivalyadhama institute. After completing the rigorous training, he taught yoga in many schools of Rishikesh. He is famous for his motivation and inspiration in yoga. There are many yoga schools in Rishikesh where Ajinkya Deshpande visits and delivers motivational lectures. However, this delivery of lectures is not limited to Rishikesh alone Ajinkya Deshpande visits regularly to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jaipur. Ajinkya Deshpande conducts many workshops all over the world where he teaches the Yogic postures and provides the students practical knowledge about the practice. He also possesses knowledge of the Yoga Sutras and the philosophies. Ajinkya Deshpande is professional in his work this is why he is famous in all country and has visited many institutions based in the country.

International Fame

Ajinkya Deshpande has achieved top ranks based on international standards. He was the yoga coach for National School of Sports at Patiala in Punjab and Gandhinagar in Gujarat. Ajinkya Deshpande called in many yoga activities and workshops conducted in various part of the country. He also visits Yoga Institutes and Universities in India as a visiting yoga professor. He had also visiting Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in the Indian embassy to conduct yoga and was based there for three years. He also worked as a Freelancer Yoga Teacher in Moscow in Russia, where he worked for two years. He has a good experience of yoga in a different country. Ajinkya Deshpande is a famous teacher of yoga all around the world and worked in many big cities like Singapore, Guayaquil, Port-au-Prince and at many places. Ajinkya Deshpande takes many courses and certificates. He conducted three diploma courses in Colombia where he lives for about 1.5 years. He conducted diploma courses in Externado University, Bogota in Colombia. Students love lessons which were given by yogi Ajinkya Deshpande. Ajinkya Deshpande conducted a lecture on meditation, yoga philosophy, Anatomy and physiology.

We all need such an experience yoga guru like yogi Ajinkya Deshpande who is a great source of motivation for his students and teach them the proper practice of yoga providing the Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Ajinkya Deshpande is famous for his inspirations lessons. He makes our country proud by holding the glory of ancient India as a birthplace of Yoga.


Jay Prakash Bhatt is a very professional and experienced yoga instructor from the yoga capital of the world Rishikesh. He started his yoga journey in childhood from the nada yoga school. He has done his 200 hours YTTC in 2016. He learned ashtanga vinyasa from anadi yoga center in 2018. He learned a deep knowledge of teaching in nirvana yoga sthal  with very famous teacher in the town Mr. Aniskrisna bist. He started teaching in Veda yoga shala in Jan 2019. He is pursuing a master degree in yoga from Uttrakhand Sanskrit University Haridwar.


GAURAV NEGI is very experienced yoga instructor from yoga capital of the world Rishikesh. He started his yoga journey in 2017 from NIRVANA YOGA STHAL. He done his 200 hours ttc in 2019. He learned ashtanga vinyasa from anadi yoga center in 2018. He learned a deep knowledge of teaching in nirvana yoga sthal  with very famous teacher in the town Mr. Aniskrisna bist. He started teaching in vishnu yogashala and veda yoga shala in jan 2019. He is persuing a master degree in yoga from Uttrakhand sanskrit university haridwar.


Hatha & Ashtanga yoga instructor
A professional and experienced yoga instructor, he was born and brought up in rishikesh(yoga capital of the world) he has been practicing yoga since the age of 18. Deepak has been done PG Diploma in Yogic Science from Pt.LMS Autonomous pg college Rishikesh. After complete YTTC (Yoga teacher training course) he started his yoga journey as a demonstrator. after 4-5 month he started his journey as a yoga instructor. Yoga is part of his life. He believes that yoga is a tool for relaxation &happiness. According to him yoga is a systematic way to live a healthy life.


India is a land of rich cultural heritage. It is known all over the world for various spiritual practices whose reference can be found out in ancient philosophical texts. One such spiritual practice of the ancient time is the Yoga which has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. At present, there are many Yoga schools in the northern part of India, particularly in Rishikesh. These schools have students not only from the country but from all over the world. The international students have established themselves as great Yoga mentors and one of them is Yogini Veydana Anitya.

Early Life and Career

Born in Ukraine, she always had a fascination for various physical activities and exercises. She came to know about the Yoga practices and started her practice in Ukraine only. Ukraine is also famous for having various Yog Gurus and Yoginis and has also gifted us with many new types of Yogas such as Yoga23 Ishvara Yoga, Universal Yoga etc. However, in order to deepen her knowledge about the same, she moved to Rishikesh, popularly known as the Yog Peeth of India and in a broader sense, the Yoga capital of the world, and enrolled herself for the Yoga courses in 2015. She also learnt about various the first hand knowledge of philosophical ideas mentioned in the Yoga Sutras and also had a broader understanding of human anatomy and its connection with various yogic practices. Besides doing the certificate course, Veydana Anitya has conducted various retreat programmes in Rishikesh. In a very short span of time, she has become popular all over the world.

Present Life

After getting her certificate, she didn’t have to look back. She has been a trainer for the past ten years. She had attended various seminars and delivered lectures on the practice of yoga and the positive effect it has on the health and mind of every individual. Besides these, she also conducts many workshops where she teaches the students the Yogic postures. Her area of expertise includes:

  • Hatha
  • Anatomy
  • Yin Styles

She aims at bringing a complete change in the entire world both in terms of mental and physical state. She is not willing to confine this practice merely to physical postures. She considers herself to be very lucky after coming in touch with Yoga. To her, in the fast lifestyle of the current time, Yoga can help a person to overcome all the challenges and lead a peaceful life. She finds her happiness in practicing Yoga and teaching the same to others. Within an very short span of time, she has gained fame in her field.

She has her own school where she teaches Yoga to her students. The students of her school too, say that she is a very inspiring personality and is very student-friendly. Veydana Anitya has wonderful teaching skills and she imparts the philosophies to her students as well so that they can become expert in Yoga. She is surely a talented personality who can contribute a lot to the spiritual world.


Ewelina Zablocka is a yoga teacher who is not from India, she has flown from Europe to India just as a tourist and now known as one of the great teachers. She is having an overall 2 years of experience as the Yoga instructor and now the most flexible and talented yoga teacher in the international platform. Ewekine Zablocka started her journey from a fitness trainer and then she gets fluctuated toward yoga after learning the beauty and its importance. She decided to learn Yoga more deeply with its all aspects, once got connected with yoga she found that it is the best way of fulfilling yourself with enthusiasm and lots of positive energy.

Exploring more about her journey she says that, during her trip to India from Europe she was very excited along with her best friend Benia and she decided to take 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Rishikesh which is the course of around 4 weeks with little Sunday trips for enjoyment. In this trip, she learns a lot of new things by having delicious healthy and vegetarian meals in the Yogpeeth. According to her, she learns a lot of new things during her one and a half month stay at 200-hour yoga teacher training at Rishikesh.

Ewelina Zablocka is the one who started her journey as a yogini and then she develops more interest for the Yoga. To get other details related to Yoga she learns it deeply along with theoretical and practical knowledge of it from the yoga school. From there she comes to learn several things like how to control your mind, breath, and body by using great techniques of yoga and gains an adequate amount of knowledge.

She is really a great trainer and has good catching power as she comes to learn and understand all difficult hacks of yoga deeply and easily in less time with the great flexible body. She says that yoga is not just a way of stretching your body but it is more than that as yoga boost you mentally, socially and physically. The journey of Ewelina Zablocka from a fitness trainer to the yoga instructor was great and amazing with a pleasant experience. She says that yoga gives her the pleasure of the great experience, passion, and knowledge with lots of positive energy.

While sharing her study experience she depicts that the yoga classes are really a very hard workout of around 1.5 hours with lots of practice and meditation which helps you in understanding each and every part of your body. Ewelina Zablocka says that her asana teacher was having good knowledge of yoga, mind and human body and shares their all skills with students for increasing their anatomical and physical both experiences.

She says that the journey of yoga is not very easy but it is very enthusiastic, peaceful and enjoying. Her experience of yoga was very amazing and now she is providing all her knowledge to other students and teaching yoga for the last 2 years providing the Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.



Ashish Singh is one of the youngest and yet a very experienced yoga trainer. He is involved in the practicing of Yoga from the time when he was just eleven years old. He was born in the foothills of Himalayas in Rishikesh and gained his degree from there. He has completed his masters from a reputed institution of Yoga and has now participated in various national and international level Yoga competitions. He has dedicated his almost half life to yoga and has gained a profound knowledge in the field of Yoga science and training and has the specialization in classical Hatha yoga with lots of knowledge, interest, and experience.

Ashish Singh is one of the most talented yoga teacher and a great mentor who has the power of guiding you with best of his talents by giving you a great control on your body which will make you flexible and stronger, internally. He is practicing especially in Hath Yoga since he was 14 years under the influence of different experienced yoga teachers he has also admitted that his first yoga teacher was his brother who is also known as the renowned Yoga master. From 2007, Ashish Singh started giving Yoga training for the welfare of other students in different fields. Many of his students say that Ashish Singh is one of the great and most knowledgeable Yoga teachers present in Rishikesh.

Ashish has gained his specialization in hath Yoga so he is teaching it with great attention to different alignments of the body with the geometries of asanas. He is the one who can give the exact information of the body how should it work in each pose as he has a good understanding of biomechanics. If we talk about the nature of Ashish Singh during teaching, he possesses the strictness of professionals but on the other hand, he is a person with good sense of humor and compassionate softness which is the reason of his highly effective and energetic classes.

Achievements of Ashish Singh:

  • He has completed his masters in Yoga from a reputed institute of Rishikesh.
  • He has gained the silver medal for Yoga in the 2011 world cup.
  • During the opening ceremony of commonwealth games of 2010 he has also represented India by his performance in yoga.
  • He is having about total 10 years and more experienced in the training of Yoga.

Specialization Fields Of Ashish Singh:

  • Power Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Advanced Yoga

The main objective of Ashish Singh is to explore Yoga and take it to each and every corner of the whole world by creating awareness among people about its importance and advantages by providing the Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. He focuses on developing the mental and physical health with the spiritual growth by performing proper asana, proper relaxation (savasana), proper diet (sattvic diet), positive thinking (Vedanta), proper breathing (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana). He follows a perfect way and pattern while teaching yoga therapy and yoga styles so that his students can gain the best knowledge and perform well. He is the youngest and brightest star of Yoga who is going to shine for long.



Yoga is not just an art it is a practice of social, mental and physical health. The concept of yoga is now worldwide known which is due to the efforts of our experienced and professional yoga teachers who are taking it to each corner of the world by making it more popular. As the concept of yoga teachers or yoga gurus is going on then how we can forget about the well known and renowned yoga teacher Deepak Negi who has gained a huge popularity in the field of yoga especially in the Ashtanga style. In the present era, yoga is the most known term which is originated in India and getting famous worldwide.

Deepak Negi is a young yoga instructor who is practising in the field of yoga from his childhood, although he does not have very vast experience as a teacher but still considered as the most demanded and great yoga teacher enriched with lots of knowledge and skills of teaching. In the present time, Deepak Negi is working as a Yoga Instructor in China and he had also worked in the Ved Niketan Ashram as a yoga guru. He is having total 2 years of experience in the field of yoga as a teacher. He believes that yoga is not just a tradition it is also having a historical background and has its roots from the Veda. According to him, yoga is an art of improving human behaviour in different kind of situations and even in the difficult circumstances.

The yoga is one which talks about the entire growth of a human being which is not only limited to physical growth, it also focuses on the spiritual and emotional growth of a person. Deepak Negi has completed his Masters in yoga from the Institute of Uttarakhand. The main thing which is famous about him is that he is securing a great power of working in the positive and hectic environment by facing all challenges. The nature of Deepak Negi is hard working, punctual and sincerity with the flow of all positive energy inside him most prior to yoga.

For any teacher, he must have the quality and sills of responding quickly to any event or issue which happens for getting the solution of it, Deepak Negi is having this quality as he listens to each and every situation very calmly and looks instantly for the solution without bothering about the issue he always do his best to resolve it on his own behalf. He is playing a very good role of a teacher and coordinates with all departments. He is having his good grasp on the Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Hatha yoga styles with esteem knowledge of them. He is also having good skills with the levels of Yoga flow, Meditation Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yogic Stretch, Vinyasa Yoga and Dynamic Yoga. In all aspects, It can be said that Deepak Negi is really a great teacher who gave his best to make his students perfect in the field of Yoga providing the Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.


Yoga has the ability to bring about positive vibes in everyone’s life. This is evident from the story of Shivali Shukla, a 25 year old girl from the city of Hyderabad In India. Her journey from a successful interior designer to an enchanting Yoga teacher can definitely be a source of inspiration for many.

As a young girl, Shivali Shukla was always fascinated by the rich tradition of Indian culture and wanted to plunge deeper into the pool of ancient Indian spiritualism. In fact, her quest was so strong than she moved to Rishikesh and enrolled herself in a Yoga course at Kaivalyadhama. It is known to the entire world that Rishikesh is the Yog peeth of India. The wonderful climate and physical surroundings of Rishikesh has brought out all the positive vibes within her and made her a different person. According to her, she rediscovered herself after joining the course and at the same point of time she knew that it is what she had been looking for so long. Thus, this led her to choose her career as a Yoga instructor.

In Rishikesh, she has done a Certificate Course on Yoga (CCY) and had also pursued a postgraduate Diploma Course in Physical Education which marks off her journey as a professional Yoga teacher. It is then that she had given up her life as an interior designer and started teaching Yoga to others. She is one of the youngest teachers in India and her students love her way of teaching them. She says that she can never thank enough to Rishikesh where she had methodically studied about the Yoga Sutras and other philosophies. She also possesses a good knowledge about Human Anatomy so that she can connect various yoga postures with each part of the body. She specializes in:

  1. Ashtanga Yoga
  2. Ayangar Yoga

Thus, Shivali Shukla has said that she would love to go for higher studies in Yoga as this practice calms her mind, making her a better person from within. She got the main essence of the richness of Indian culture. In the contemporary time, where people is always packed by a busy schedule and hardly has any time for them, she suggests regular practice of Yoga for relaxation of mind. In a very simplified way, she explains the intricacies of the Yogic Sutras to her students. She talks about how the teachers in Rishikesh have helped her to the place where she is today. She is always thankful to them for helping her to bring out the best in her. She has been able to concentrate a lot more than before.

Shivali Shukla mentions that Rishikesh has a positive environment for learning Yoga. She is working very hard to study more about Yogic philosophies. India needs more Yoga teachers like her who can inspire others to lead a happy and healthy life. Indeed, the name, Yog Peeth of India and Yoga Capital of the World becomes perfect for Rishikesh for having produced so many talented Yoga teachers by providing the Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.