Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School


Accommodation & Facilities of Nirvana YogaSthal:

Being located in Rishikesh, the Yog Peeth of India, we make sure that the trainees take full advantage and facilities of the course for Yoga Teacher Training and bloom into professional Yoga Teachers. Our primary focus is on the comfort of the students. For them, we provide the accommodation and other facilities.


Our students are not confined to Rishikesh only. We have several trainees from various corners of the world. We know how hard it is to find a place of stay and carrying out the training. Also, one cannot really concentrate on the course if he or she remains uncertain about where to stay in an unknown city. In order to solve this problem, we have facilities for accommodation both for the outstation and the international students. Our hostel values punctuality and discipline. Everything runs on time. We provide meals three times a day and a trainee can opt to stay with roommates of alone. The charges will be based as per his preference.

Other Facilities:

Besides the accommodation facilities, we also provide several other facilities to our students in order to make sure that they complete their Yoga Teacher Training without any hurdles. Certain other facilities include:

  1. Library: A student can browse through various references and primary sources that explain all the intricate yoga sutras. Our library has a rich collection of books by both Indian and foreign authors. In order to ease the level of understanding, books are also available in languages such as French, German, Spanish etc so that the international students do not face any difficulty.
  2. Remedial Classes: In order, the student face any difficulty in understanding anything, the teachers make sure to take extra classes and explain them again so that they are not left with any doubts.
  3. Teacher-Student Ratio: We make sure that a class is not overcrowded with a lot of students. We maintain a normal teacher-student ratio so that the teachers remain accessible to the students.
  4. Location: In case you are worried about the transport and communication, then it is to ease your worries that we are located in a well-connected area and in the proper location of the town.

With all the above mentioned facilities for Yoga Teacher Training, we ensure that our students complete the course with full attention. Once the training is completed, they become a completely changed person and help to bring changes in others by establishing themselves as successful Yoga professionals.